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Offices of Education in the U.S.

The Education Office heaquarters are located at the Embassy of Spain in Washington. All general coordination for Ministry of Education programs is managed from the Washington, D.C. Office.

The regional office headquarters are located at the Spanish Consulates in New York (Northern states), Miami (Southern states) and Los Angeles (Western states). The Canadian programs are managed from the Embassy of Spain's Education Office in Ottawa.

Embassy of Spain Education Office

Consejería de Educación en Washington DC

Address: 2375 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington, DC 20037-1736 Salto de línea Telephone: +1 202 728 2335 Salto de línea Email: consejeria.usa@educacion.gob.es e-mailSalto de línea Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.Salto de línea Telephone Service: Monday - Friday 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Education Office in Los Angeles

Consulate General of Spain

Education Office

5055 Wilshire Blvd. Ste. 204

Los Ángeles, CA 90036Salto de línea Telephone.: + 1 323 852 6997 Salto de línea Email: losangeles.usa@educacion.gob.es e-mail

Education Office in San Francisco

Consulate General of Spain

Education Office

1405 Sutter Street

San Francisco, CA 94109

Tel.: + 1 415 922 2038

email: asesoria.ncalifornia@educacion.gob.es e-mail

Education Office in Washington State

Serving the states of Washington and Oregon

Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction

Spanish Language Consultant

Old Capitol Building. P.O. Box 47200

Olympia, WA 98504-7200Salto de línea Tel: +1 360 725 6008

email: asesor.st.wa@educacion.gob.es e-mailSalto de línea

Education Office in Utah

Serving the states of Utah, Colorado, and Wyoming

Utah State Office of Education

Spanish Embassy Consultant

250 E 500 S

P.O. Box 144200

Salt Lake City, UT 84114-4200Salto de línea Tel: + 1 801 538 7878 Salto de línea

Education Office in Albuquerque

Asesoría de Educación en Albuquerque, Nuevo México

Serving the states of New Mexico and Arizona

New Mexico State Department of Education

Bilingual Office - Education Building

300 Don Gaspar

Santa Fe, NM 87501Salto de línea Tel: + 1 505 246 2261 (Ext. 124)

email: cer.albuquerque@educacion.gob.es e-mailSalto de línea Salto de línea

Education Office in New York

Consulate General of SpainSalto de línea 358 Fifth Avenue. Suite 1404

New York 10001, NYSalto de línea Teléfono: +1 212 629 4435 Salto de línea admin.usa@educacion.gob.es e-mail

Education Office in Boston

Asesoría de Educación en Boston

Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

75 Pleasant Street - 2nd floor

Boston, MA 02148

Telephone: + 1 781 338 6236

email: cer.boston@educacion.gob.es e-mail

Education Office in Indianapolis

Asesoría de Educación en Indianápolis

Serving the states of Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, and Michigan

Cavanaugh Hall 205

425 University Blvd.Salto de línea Indianapolis, IN 46202-5140

Telephone: + 1 317 278 1210

email: cer.indianapolis@educacion.gob.es e-mail

Education Office in Lincoln

Asesoría de Educación en Lincoln

Serving the states of Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, Missouri, and South Dakota

Spanish Studies Institute - UNL

61B Henzlik Hall - Lincoln, NE 68588

Phone: + 1 402 472 0683

email: cer.lincoln@educacion.gob.es e-mail

Education Office in Chicago

Asesoría de Educación en Chicago

Illinois State Board of Education

Embassy of Spain's Education Consultant

100 W Randolph St, Ste. 14-300

Chicago, IL 60601

Telephone: + 1 312 814 5696

email: asesoria.chicago@educacion.gob.es e-mail

Education Office in Miami

Asesoría de Educación en Miami

Consulate General of Spain

Education Office

2655 SW Le Jeune Road. Suite 906

Coral Gables FL 33134 Salto de línea Telephone: +1 305 448 2146 Salto de línea infocenter.usa@educacion.gob.es e-mail

Education Office in Tallahassee

Serving the states of Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, and TennesseeSalto de línea

Florida Department of Education

Spanish Embassy Education Consultant

325 West Gaines Street, Suite 444

Tallahassee FL 32399-0400Salto de línea Ph: +1 850 245 0884

email: infocenter.usa@educacion.gob.es e-mailSalto de línea

Education Office in Austin

Asesoría de Educación en Austin

Serving the states of Texas and Oklahoma

Texas Region XIII Education Service CenterSalto de línea 5701 Springdale Rd.Salto de línea Austin TX 78723Salto de línea Phone: + 1 512 919 5130

email: asesoria.austin@educacion.gob.es e-mail

Education Office in Houston

Asesoría de Educación en Houston

Serving the states of Texas and Oklahoma

Consulate General of Spain - Education Office

2400 Augusta Drive, Suite 366

Houston TX 77057Salto de línea Ph: +1 713 974 1689Salto de línea email: infoeduca.houston@educacion.gob.es e-mailSalto de línea

Education Office in Baton Rouge

Asesoría de Educación en Baton Rouge

Serving the states of Arkansas, Luisiana, and MississippiSalto de línea 338 Hodges Hall - LSU

Baton Rouge LA 70803Salto de línea Ph: +1 225 578 7209

email: cer.batonrouge@educacion.gob.es e-mailSalto de línea