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Call for papers

Call for Papers:

The Flipped Classroom model in current university education: Challenges and effectiveness

Guest Editor:

Javier Tourón Figueroa. Universidad Internacional de La Rioja. Spain.

Keywords: flipped classroom, flipped learning, university teaching, active learning methodologies, student-centered learning


The new needs of the digital society and the world of work have created an urgent need for change in university learning. On the one hand, the roles of the teacher and the student become more dependent on a model in which students regain a greater role and teachers change their role from simple transmitters of knowledge to learning guides. For its part, the very nature of learning goes beyond simple theoretical knowledge. Currently it is necessary not only to know, but to define what to do with what is known. Thus, knowledge, skills and attitudes make up a competence wisdom that requires new ways of approaching the teaching-learning process at the university. In recent years, a multitude of methodologies of diverse characteristics have opened their way, but which we can classify as active, focused on students as the protagonists of their learning. A meta strategy within this methodological change that puts the student in the forefront is the Flipped Classroom, or reverse class, that is “a pedagogical approach in which direct instruction moves from the group learning space to the individual learning space. As a result, the group space is transformed into a dynamic and interactive learning environment, in which the educator guides the students while they apply the concepts and get involved creatively in the subject." This monograph will review the evidence on the effectiveness of this approach. Therefore, original research papers on this approach and the methodologies linked to it, the use of digital tools and environments will be accepted. The aim is to find out what is the real impact on student learning, teacher training and the development of didactic and digital skills, always in the context of university education.

Deadline for submission of manuscripts: July 1, 2020.

Submission of articles:

All manuscripts must be sent exclusively through the RECYT platform of the Fundación de Ciencia y Tecnología ( The guidelines for the submission of manuscripts for Revista de Educación can be found at All manuscripts will be subject to peer review.


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