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The Spanish Resource Center of Melbourne is a cooperative initiative between the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training of Spain and the RMIT University (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology).


The Spanish Resource Center of Melbourne is located in Building 37 on the RMIT University Campus, on Swanston Street and has a language laboratory in the Faculty of Global Studies building, where the Department of Languages is also located. In addition to this space, the materials and resources are distributed in two libraries: the Swanston Library and the Carlton Library. This Center has other facilities within the RMIT University where activities such as film projections, talks, colloquia, round tables, exhibitions, etc. take place.


The loan of materials is made at the Swanston Library of RMIT University from Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 20:00 hours normally, although during the academic year it has a longer schedule that also includes Saturdays. More information about access hours Nueva ventana to the Swanston Library of RMIT University.

Resource Catalogues

The Center's catalogue of resources and materials can be consulted on its website Nueva ventana

Consultation of materials in the room

The materials and resources of the Spanish Resource Center of Melbourne, as well as those that the Swanston Library has, can be consulted in the reading room that the library offers. Access is open to the public at the established schedule and is free.

Material and resource loans

The loan of the catalogue funds is free for university students and alumni.

Teachers taking training courses at the Spanish Resource Center of Melbourne receive an annual library card that allows them to access the resources of the RMIT University Library.

RMIT University is part of an interuniversity loan network so the collection is accessible from all university libraries in the city of Melbourne and Australia.

Finally, if an individual wishes to access the loan service of the Spanish Resource Center of Melbourne, he must pay an annual fee established by the university library.


RMIT postal address:

Spanish Resource Center at RMITBuilding 37. Level 3 School of Global Studies, Social Science & Planning RMIT University, City Campus 411 Swanston St.

Melbourne, VIC 3000

Education Advisor

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