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Recognition of degrees and studies

Information about the homologation and recognition of Spanish studies in Australia and the Australian studies in Spain will be displayed in this section.

Homologation or revalidation of a university degree

The homologation of a degree from an educational system of a country to one of a different educational system, is the official recognition of the completed training in the country of origin that works as equivalent to the one required for the acquisition of a degree, in this case, the Spanish one. The homologation of these degrees represents the recognition of the relevant academic level, enables further studies in other Spanish academic level in this case, and it implies the recognition of the inherent effects of the Spanish degree in reference when it comes to granting them for the exercise thereof.

Validation of Studies

The validation is the official recognition of the studies carried out abroad for academic purposes, whether there was a obtained degree or not at the finalisation, it regards to partial studies in the country that performs the validation, and allows the continuation of such studies at an educational centre of the country that validates. Its purposes are exclusively academic, allowing the continuity of studies within the educational system of this other country.


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