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Applying to NALCAP

Applications closed on April 6. Unfortunately, no extensions can be given

Now that applications are closed

From the team at the Embassy of Spain, we would like to take a minute and thank everyone who has applied to the program this year. It has been a record breaking year in the number of applications and we are pleased to see how very much the interest in the program has grown.

This being said, we would also like you to know that the "Inscrita" numbers given out are solely for the purposes of the admissions process in Madrid and should not be taken as a basis to see if you will get a position in the program or not. As stated in different sections of this website, this program involves a number of intricacies and is quite complex. Having a high Inscrita number does not mean you will not receive an offer for a position. Just to state one example, Inscrita numbers always include an extremely high number of drafts that are never submitted. In addition, the number of positions have increased as regional education offices have requested more recipients.

We ask for your patience as everyone involved in the program is working hard to review applications and then to give out placements. Follow the info on our Timeline and in the Steps once you have submitted your application sections below, as well as on our social media.

Once again, we wish everyone the best of luck!

Issues repeatedly addressed via emails

1. Please do not send attachments to be reviewed. We are not allowed to download any attachments and the application is solely electronically filed.

2. For questions concerning your status - changes from Inscrita to Registrada to Admitida - please read our Application Guidelines carefully. We have taken great care to explain all aspects of the application in those guidelines. Going from Inscrita to Admitida can take a really long time. In addition, please note that regional placements will not go out until some time after applications close.

3. To this end, we kindly ask you to refrain from emailing us to ask us to check if everything on your application is ok. Or that there hasn't been a change in your status for days. Rest assured that if there are any issues with your application, a reviewer will contact you and let you know. Every application will be reviewed with the utmost consideration in its due turn.

The application process may not move forward as quickly we would like. See our timeline for a general idea. There are many intricacies involved and there are numerous applications to process. We understand and greatly appreciate your enthusiasm and ask you for your patience.TIA!

All regions (Comunidades Autónomas) in Spain, including Ceuta and Melilla, will be open to applications for NALCAP. Some regions may have more positions than others, but all of them will be accepting applications for the 2021-2022 school year.

NALCAP Timeline

Getting started

Please read the following information before the application period begins. But don't forget to keep it handy throughout the entire process.

*Attenion Canadian applicants. ​Please keep in mind that if you are opting for a NALCAP position in French, your Statement of Purpose must be written in French. If on the contrary, you are opting for a NALCAP position in English, then your statement must be written in English. Also please remember to check off the box for what language you would like to teach - English or French - on the application portal.

Preparing and submitting your application

Applications will be open from January 27 - April 6 11:59 PM, local Madrid, Spain time.

In addition to the Application Guidelines and the FAQs, you will find two required application documents below (the Checklist and the Letter of Recommendation), as well as a handbook that will help you navigate PROFEX. Follow it step-by-step to avoid confusion.

When you are ready to submit, take a look at the Recap of documents and make sure you've got everything you need to submit your application.

What is PROFEX?

It's our online portal and where you will submit your NALCAP application. It can get tricky at times but if you follow the handbook carefully, you will do great!

To begin, you can sign up on PROFEX at any time. You can open a PROFEX account and also fill out your personal information and some resume information. See notes in PROFEX timeline.

But to actually be able to upload your documents to your application, the 2021 Auxiliares de Conversación extranjeros en España/Language Assistants option from the drop-down menu must be available. This will be available once the application period opens. Please do not confuse this with the option 2021 Auxiliares de Conversación españoles en el extranjero which is a totally different program.

We suggest not using a translator for PROFEX as we have been told that it may cause glitches which may affect the information you have already completed/uploaded on your application. Just follow the videos below and the How-to-Navigate-Profex manual slowly and step-by-step.

Also note that the first and last days that the application period is open, it may get busy and the website may experience some issues. We apologize for any inconveniences and ask you for your patience.

Profex Timeline

Step 1. Sign up on PROFEX and fill out the resume section

You can sign up to get a PROFEX account at any time, as well as filling out your resume and personal information on PROFEX. There are 3 required sections under Curriculum and the others are optional. But please keep in mind that these are totally different steps from filling out your actual application. You need to sign up on PROFEX and you need to fill out at least the 3 required sections. These are steps prior to filling out your application. And PROFEX will allow you to complete these steps before the application period opens.

However, all the required documents pertaining to your NALCAP application cannot be uploaded until the appliciation period is open.

You can use the time before the application opens to get familiar with PROFEX, to complete the 3 required sections and to gather all the required documents. Make sure you follow the How-to-Navigate PROFEX handbook to a tee!

Step 2. Applications open

You can begin your application once the 2021-2022 Auxiliares de Conversación extranjeros en España/Language Assistants option from the drop-down menu is available. This will be available when the application period has opened.

Step 3. Upload paperwork and submit application

Once you have completed your application and uploaded all the required documents, you can then submit your application. This is only possible when the application period is open.

To access PROFEX and begin your application, please Click here

Don't forget to follow the videos and handbook!

In addition to the How-to-Navigate-PROFEX handbook, watch and follow these tutorials for help with your application

Video #1: How to register and create your profile on Profex
Video #2: How to fill out your application

Steps once you have submitted your application

1. You will receive an email that confirms your Admitida status. This means that your application has been reviewed and approved. You now qualify to receive a regional placement. Please note that although you may be Admitida soon, regional placements will not begin to go out until after applications close. So it will be a while.

2. You will receive an email that you have been assigned to a region in Spain. You have 5 days to accept/decline the position. You must accept/decline on PROFEX.

3. Starting around mid/late May and through August, regional education offices in Spain will begin to send out the Letters of Acceptance. This letter is of the upmost importance. On it you will receive all the pertinent information concerning your assignment. In addition, you will need it to apply for a visa before leaving the U.S or Canada and then for a residency card once you have arrived in Spain.

4. Apply for a visa as soon as you receive your Letter of Acceptance. Gathering the paperwork for your visa application will take a while. Please do not purchase your airline tickets until your visa has been issued and you have it in hand.




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