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Applying to NALCAP

NALCAP will be accepting applications from January 25 - March 30 for the 2023 cycle.

All regions (Comunidades Autónomas) in Spain, including Ceuta and Melilla, will be accepting applications for NALCAP for the 2022-2023 school year.

Getting started

You can begin to read the following information before applications open. Remember to keep them handy through the entire process.

To access PROFEX and begin your application, please Click hereNueva ventana

*Attenion Canadian applicants. ​Please keep in mind that if you are opting for a NALCAP position in French, your Statement of Purpose must be written in French. If on the contrary, you are opting for a NALCAP position in English, then your statement must be written in English. Also please remember to check off the box for what language you would like to teach - English or French - on the application portal.

Preparing and submitting your application


For this new application period, only 4 documents will be required.

1. A copy of the main page of your valid Canadian passport

2. An official college transcript or a copy of your diploma

3. A signed Statement of Purpose

4. A Letter of Recommendation

To guide you through the application process, please follow step-by-step all the information in the guidelines and handbook for an easy application submission. All the necessary information can be found in them.

When you are ready to submit, take a look at the RECAP of documents and make sure you've got everything you need to submit your application.

What is PROFEX?

It's our online portal that you will be using to submit your NALCAP application. It can get tricky at times but if you follow the handbook carefully, you will do great!

To begin, you can open a PROFEX account at anytime, as well as filling out your personal information and some curriculum/resume information. If you already have a PROFEX account, just log in.

We suggest not using a translator for PROFEX as it may cause glitches which may affect the information you have already completed/uploaded on your application. Just follow the videos below and the PROFEX handbook slowly and step-by-step.

Also note that the first and last days that the application period is open, it may get busy and the website may experience some issues. We apologize for any inconveniences and ask you for your patience.

Profex Timeline

Step 1. Before applications open

Create an account on PROFEX and fill out the curriculum/resume section. There are 3 required sections under Curriculum and the others should be left blank. Leaving them blank will not influence your application in any manner. Make sure you follow the PROFEX handbook to a tee!

The four (4) required documents for your NALCAP application cannot be uploaded until the appliciation period is open.

Step 2. Applications open

Follow the videos below and the PROFEX handbook step-by-step.

Upload your paperwork and submit your application.

To access PROFEX and begin your application, please Click hereNueva ventana

In addition to the PROFEX handbook, watch and follow these tutorials for help with your application.

Video #1: How to register and create your profile on Profex

Video #2: How to fill out your application




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