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Applying to NALCAP

The application cycle for the 2024-2025 school year is open from February 12th - April 5th 2024

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Please make sure you follow the new handbooks to a tee.


The NEW PROFEX 2 handbook

We will be working on updating the Application Guidelines, the FAQs and the NALCAP General Information with the new terminology from the NEW PROFEX 2 portal as soon as possible.

Preparing and submitting your application

Required Documents:

1. A copy of the main page of your valid U.S. passport
2. An official college transcript or a copy of your diploma
3. A signed statement of purpose
4. A letter of recommendation

To guide you through the application process, please follow all the information in the guidelines and handbook step-by-step for an easy application submission. All the necessary information to apply to the program can be found there.

When you are ready to submit, take a look at the RECAP of documents and make sure you've got everything you need to submit your application.

e-mail Please make sure NOT to use a college email address as these may have an expiration date and we may need to contact you. Gmail addresses work best. Thanks!

All regions in Spain will be accepting applications for NALCAP for the 2024-2025 school year. The following are the number of positions offered during last year's cycle to give you a better idea when selecting your 3 preferred destinations. In total, 4,706 positions were awarded. These positons may vary for the 2024 cycle.

Andalucía 1,213

Aragón 68

Asturias 34

Canarias 75

Cantabria 87

Castilla La Mancha 56

Castilla y León 120

Cataluña 34

Extremadura 78

Galicia 240

Islas Baleares 158

La Rioja 50

Madrid 1,193

Murcia 122

Navarra 4

País Vasco 117

Comunitat Valenciana 1051

Ceuta 2 y Melilla 3

What is PROFEX?

PROFEX is the Ministry of Education of Spain's online portal used to apply for NALCAP. It can get tricky at times but if you follow the handbook carefully, you will do great!

To begin, you can open a PROFEX account at anytime, as well as filling out your personal information and some curriculum/resume information. If you already have a PROFEX account, just log in.

We suggest not using a translator for PROFEX as it may cause glitches which may affect the information you have already completed/uploaded on your application. Just follow the videos below and the PROFEX handbook slowly and step-by-step.

Also note that the first and last days that the application period is open, it may get busy and the website may experience some issues. We apologize for any inconveniences and ask you for your patience.

Apply on PROFEX Nueva ventana

The PROFEX Timeline

Step 1. Before applications open

Create an account on PROFEX and fill out the curriculum/resume section. There are 3 required sections under Curriculum and the others are to be left blank. Leaving them blank will not influence your application in any manner. Make sure you follow the PROFEX handbook to a tee!

Please note that the 4 required documents for your NALCAP application cannot be uploaded until the appliciation period opens.

Step 2. Applications open

Follow the videos below and the PROFEX handbook step-by-step. The handbook has the most up-to-date information.

Upload the 4 required documents, complete the application and submit it.

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