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Veo en espaÑol

Plataforma "Veo en espaÑol"Recurso educativo para las ISA

Veo en EspaÑol is an educational outreach initiative, sponsored by the Ministry of Education of Spain. It has a specific selection of audiovisual resources (shorts, movies, documentaries, etc.), which have been chosen according to pedagogical standards. These resources help to instil key competences into students, as well as values and the respect and tolerance towards diversity.

This platform is free for those programs that the Education Office of the Embassy of Spain promotes and, therefore, for the ISA network.

Those ISA teachers interested in signing up for the platform should fill out this form.

If you want to know more about the program, please click here.

ELEO Digital Library

ELEO Digital Library has more than 5,500 titles in books and audiobooks, from Spanish and Latin American classics to children and youth readings or theoretical and practical treatises on the Teaching of Spanish as a Foreign Language.

If you are an International Spanish Academy teacher and want to sign up for ELEO, please click here.


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