Spanish Resource Center - Los Angeles (currently closed because of the pandemic)

OUR LIBRARY (In person service not operative - online service via ELEO)

Our whole library is available for search through the link below

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Another possibility to enjoy reading in Spanish online is our ELEO library

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In order to have access to this service you need to show proof of identification with your driver's licence, passport or any valid form of identification.

Our books and audivisual resources can be borrowed for a maximum extent of 30 days and the loan can be renewed for the same period of time if any other user of the library would not make a request for them.

The maximum number of loans of any type is 10 items per person.

Unfortunately, reference materials, including encyclopedias and dictionaries may not be borrowed from our library.

Damaged or lost items must be repaired or replaced. If the user is unable to do so, the Spanish Resource Center will proceed to repair or replace the items and the user will be held responsible for all the related costs. Users must make sure that items are in good condition when checking them out.

If you have any suggestion for the Spanish Resource Center as for purchasing new additions to our library, please, contact us: e-mail

Nuestro amplio catálogo de libros disponibles para préstamo

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