Spanish Resource Center - Los Angeles (currently closed because of the pandemic)

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We really enjoy having you drop by the nearest Spanish Resource Center and visiting our library in person. But when that´s not possible, you can always access these specialized websites that will provide you with instructional materials for the classroom and professional development opportunities, all geared towards the teaching of the Spanish language.

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ELEO. Digital library. Ministry of Education of Spain.

Veo en español

Veo en español. Spanish movies and short movies for classes of Spanish.


Redele. Articles on teaching methodologies, archive of masters degree thesis papers and resources for the teaching of Spanish.


INTEF. Professional development, technology in the classroom and online resources.


Redined. Research, innovation and teaching resources developed in Spain.


TODOELE. Educational resources and a community of teachers of Spanish.


MARCOELE. Online magazine for teachers of Spanish.


MATERIALES. Multiculural education magazine published by the Education Office of the United States and Canada.

Real Academia de la Historia

DB-e. The Spanish Royal Academy of History Biographical Dictionary with information on historical figures.


INSTITUTO CERVANTES. Institution dedicated to the advancement of the Spanish language.


DEL. Dictionary of the Spanish language published by the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language.

Biblioteca Nacional España

HISPANIC DIGITAL LIBRARY. Digital collections from the National Library of Spain.

Biblioteca Virtual Cervantes

MIGUEL DE CERVANTES ONLINE LIBRARY. Collections of Spanish and Latin American literature.

Museo del Prado

The Prado Museum. Paintings, instructional resources and online visits.


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