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Language and Culture Assistants Program

Language and Culture Assistants Program in Spain for Filipinos 2022-2023

  • Important: for 2023-24 batch, the pre-selection process will start in mid-September 2022.

Candidates applying via Instituto Cervantes Manila must have a full A level in Spanish.Salto de línea It won't be possible to apply for the program through two different vias: candidates applying through a partner university won't be allowed to do so via Instituto Cervantes, too .Salto de línea

  • Call for the Language and Culture Assistants Program for Filipinos in Spain for school year 2022-2023 en España. The application process is online through PROFEX Nueva ventana. Application period is closed. (Please note applications of candidates that have not passed the interview will not be considered).

For specific inquiries on visa applications, please contact :con.manila@maec.es

The application period for an interview through a partner institution or as a teacher has finished. The interviews phase has finished.

“Due to the high number of applicants on Stage 1, there are no slots left to apply as a Filipino for a position as a language and culture assistant in Spain for the school year 2022-2023. STAGE 2 WILL NOT BE OPEN for this call"

For this call for school year 2022-2023, Filipinos can apply for all regions except Navarra and Cataluña.

What to do before leaving your country
What to do upon arrival
Language Assistant Functions
Spanish Education System and Schools
Visa Application

Visa application (IMPORTANT: The visa application period runs from mid June to September)

Updated on 06/06/2022.

For the visa application, the Apostilled NBI Clearance and Medical Certificate need to be translated in Spanish.

Information on renewals for school year 2022-2023

Filipinos can renew their position as a language assistant in Spain for a maximum of three academic years, regardless of the region or program.


If you have participated in the Language Assistants Program and are back in the Philippines, you can be one of our cultural and educational collaborators. The Embassy of Spain and its Education Office will send you information on cultural and educational events, and will consider you for possible projects in the future. Kindly send an email to asesoria.filipinas@educacion.gob.es and include your full name, age, your experience as a language assistant (when, where and how long), your university diploma and where you obtained it.


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