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Foreign diplomas in Spain

Non-university diplomas

The Spanish Ministry deals with all the applications, excepting those of the people living in Galicia, Cataluña and País Vasco: If that is your case, please click here Nueva ventana.

For further information, click here. Nueva ventana

How to submit an application for recognition of non-university studies. Link PDF

  • Documents:
    • The first step is to apply online Nueva ventana.
    • Payment of the fee Nueva ventana
    • Passport
    • Diploma with Apostille
    • Official Transcript of Records with Apostille
    • Official translation of Diploma and Transcript of Records

Accreditation and Recognition of foreign non-university vocational training studies

Accreditation and recognition of foreign university studies

The process of HOMOLOGACIÓN of a foreign diploma to a Spanish diploma gives access to a regulated profession (doctor, veterinary, nurse, physiotherapist, dentist, pharmacist, etc.).

The diplomas that do not give access to a regulated profession need to go through the process of EQUIVALENCIA to a Spanish diploma or academic level. Equivalencia gives the foreign diploma the same validity as the Spanish one which is recognised as equivalent to, without the professional purposes that imply the process of homologación.

The education authorities in Spain require that the total duration of the studies and their contents are similar to the Spanish ones, as well as the hourly load of the subjects.

For both homologación and equivalencia, the application process is the following:

1. Get an appointment with the DFA (Department of Foreign Affairs) for the Apostille of your Diploma and Transcript of Records.

2. After this is finalized, your Diploma and Transcript of Records require an official translation.

3. Pay the corresponding fee (model 790) Nueva ventana If you are not in Spain you will need to make a bank transfer to:

Ministerio de Universidades in the account for payments from abroad:

IBAN: ES16 9000 0001 2002 5310 8022.


Address: Calle de Alcalá, 48, 28014 Madrid (España).

4. After all this procedure, you need to get an appointment at the Education Office e-mail at Spanish Embassy in Manila, where you will need to submitt the application form for homologación or equivalencia, together with all the documents to Ministerio de Ciencia, Innovación y Universidades. All the documents need to be original, they will be scanned and returned to you. These are all the necessary documents:

  • The form for homologación PDF or equivalencia PDF, whatever is applicable.
  • Original passport.
  • Original diploma to be approved with Apostille and the official translation.
  • Original academic certification of the studies with Apostille, conducted by the applicant to obtain the degree in which they are recorded, inter alia, the official duration, in academic years, the curriculum followed, the subjects studied, the grades obtained and the hourly load each of them and the official translation.
  • Printed proof of payment of the fee (model 790).
  • Original proof of the necessary linguistic competence in Spanish (only for homologación)*.

All documents submitted must be original, official and issued by the competent authorities to do so, according to the law of the country in question. Also, in cases where necessary, the original documents must be duly authenticated.

For further information on recognition of university studies, click here. Nueva ventana


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