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Programmes and calls in India

Language and Culture Assistants Program in Spain 2023-2024

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To participate in the 2023-24 program, you must have a C1 level of English, accredited by one of the English certificates indicated in this document PDF, which is valid [1] at the moment of its submission. Certificates not listed in the document will not be admitted.

Interested candidates already in possession of one of the certificates indicated in the document must request an interview at the following address: The certificate must be attached for verification purposes. Passing the interview is a requirement to continue in the process.

Besides, candidates must fulfil the following requirements:

  • Be a citizen of India.
  • Be a third-year university student of a Bachelor´s Degree or already in possession of a Bachelor´s Degree, a postgraduate student, or having completed a Master´s Degree or Doctorate.
  • Be of sound mental and physical health and must have no limitations that would impair their ability to teach.
  • Have a clear police record, which will be required for the visa application.

No prior knowledge of Spanish is required.

Important: candidates currently in India who wish to apply again after having participated in the program in previous years, will do so as new candidates, and must therefore access through the interview; for that purpose, they will need to send an email to the address above, attaching the favorable report of the school they were at in Spain, but will not have to submit an English certificate.

Number of candidates to be interviewed: up to 350

[1] Certificates marked with a (2) will not be accepted if dated before 30 September 2020.

Important: Having the English certificate does not apply to language assistants selected in previous years and who want to renew for the 2022-23 school year.

Call for the Language and Culture Assistants Program for Indian citizens in Spain for school year 2023-2024 en España. The application process is online through PROFEX Nueva ventana. Application period from February 9 to April 4, 2023.

What to do before leaving your country

What to do upon arrival

Language Assistant Functions

Spanish Education System and Schools

Visa application (pending update for the 2023-24 school year)

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Information on renewals for school year 2023-2024

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