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To pursue certain studies in Spain at the different education levels it is mandatory to apply for validation of courses or recognition of diplomas/degrees, depending on the education grade or course in which one wishes to enroll.

The validation of foreign studies or courses at pre-university level means the declaration of their equivalence in the Spanish education system, with the purpose of continuing studies in a Spanish school.

The recognition of foreign diplomas and degrees means the declaration of their equivalence in the Spanish education system for academic purposes and their official validation in all Spanish territory.

IMPORTANT: All relevant documents may be submitted through Spain's diplomatic missions and consular offices abroad. Those documents have to be official, duly authenticated and should be translated into Spanish, where appropriate.

If you wish to continue primary or secondary school studies you have done in Spain in India, you have to submit an academic transcript issued by the Spanish school, in which all completed courses and their grades should be stated. This document will have to be translated and authenticated, where appropriate.

In order to have your Spanish university degree recognised in India, you should contact the Association of Indian Universities Nueva ventana to submit your application.

Should you need any further information, kindly contact Nueva ventana


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