Promotion of the Spanish language and culture

The main objective of the Spanish Education Office in Sweden is the promotion of the Spanish language and culture in the education system. It also provides information and advice on the mobility of students, teachers and professionals and participates in the programs of the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training.

The Spanish Education Office in Sweden participates in congresses and training days, we schedule visits to educational centers, make presentations and disseminate resources and teaching materials for the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language.

Conversation Assistants

Teacher training

The Training Program aims to respond to the linguistic, didactic and cultural training needs of Spanish teachers in Sweden. It includes courses, seminars, workshops, conferences and other training modalities organized by the Ministry itself or in collaboration with institutions in the country.


To study at non-university levels Nueva ventana

To access Swedish universities Nueva ventana

Recognition: informationNueva ventana on how Higher education studies abroad are recognized in Sweden.

Swedish education system:

Description of the Swedish education system in Eurydice Nueva ventana

Table of equivalences between the Swedish education system and the Spanish system PDF

Governmental agencies:

Ministry of Education and Research Nueva ventana

Skolverket Nueva ventana is the National Agency for Education in Sweden and is responsible for the organization of pre-school, primary, secondary and adult education in Sweden (curriculum development, syllabus, etc).

Study Spanish in Sweden:

Overview of Spanish language studies in SwedenPDF.

The Cervantes Institute for Sweden is located in Stockholm. You can consult information about courses, cultural events and other activities on its websiteNueva ventana.

Links of interest:

APEOS Nueva ventana (Association of Spanish Teachers of Western Sweden)

SPLF Nueva ventana (Stockholm Spanish Teachers' Association)


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