ELEONueva ventana

Digital library for the centers and programs of the Spanish Educational Action Abroad. It offers more than 4,000 titles in books and audiobooks. The objective is to provide academic support to teachers and students by facilitating the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language, while encouraging independent reading. In addition, it offers professionals a platform to support a reading plan, which allows them to promote collaborative reading and reading comprehension.

AulaCortoNueva ventana

Aula Corto is an educational portal of audiovisual content that offers a wide variety of short films to be used by teachers in the classroom.

Likewise, after watching one or more of the short films, teachers and their students can carry out different activities related to the short film, its subject matter, social background, etc.

For each short film there are didactic activities for students of different levels and an audiovisual guide to help teachers teach the characteristics of audiovisual language.

RedELENueva ventana

The redELE portal (red electrónica de didáctica de Español Lengua Extranjera) is a public service of the Spanish Ministry of Education and Vocational Training for Spanish as a Foreign Language (ELE) teaching professionals around the world. Its objective is to offer specific information related to the didactics of this discipline, to contribute to the training of ELE teachers and to put Spanish education and teaching professionals in contact with the international activity of the Ministry.

ProcomúnNueva ventana

Platform of educational resources of the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training, open and adapted to all levels of pre-university education. It is also a social network that serves as a meeting point for the educational community, facilitating interaction with others.

EDIA ProjectNueva ventana

Open project that promotes and supports innovation and didactic experimentation in the classroom.

Development of open educational resources and creation of teachers’ networks and educational centers.

Image and sound bankNueva ventana

Repository of audiovisual resources available for the educational community under open licenses.

Open online training for teachersNueva ventana

Free and open online training offered by the Institute of New Technologies of the MEFP. The course catalog is adapted to the teachers’ training needs and the school curriculum. It is a training with a flexible organization (MOOC, NOOC, “training tablets”, etc.).

EtwinningNueva ventana

European online school exchange agency. It provides a diverse and secure environment for the development of communities, as well as resources and activities, etc. In each country there is an agency, through which teachers can access a database, identify partners for exchange projects and use the necessary resources in a secure environment.

Learning at homeNueva ventana

Special daily programming of educational content broadcast from Monday to Friday on Clan TV and La 2 on Spanish television. Each day is dedicated to a different content area. It is aimed at students from 6 to 16 years old to contribute to the continuity of learning during the suspension of classroom activity.

Educational Digital Resources of Spanish Autonomous CommunitiesNueva ventana

All our communities, through their respective departments of education, offer an educational portal through which you can access a wide variety of educational resources:


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