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Spanish online courses for teachers

Datos Generales:


The Consejería de Educación of the Spanish Embassy in the UK is offering Spanish online courses for Primary and Secondary school teachers in Britain through the Aula Virtual de Español (AVE), an interactive platform specifically designed by the Instituto Cervantes for the teaching and learning of Spanish.


Complete beginner (A1.1) and Beginner (A!.2). Plese access the courses to see what they are like before you proceed. URL: www.ave.cvc.cervantes.es Clic on EN. Temporary username: teacher/ Password: 011012. Click on Materiales and enter the releant course. Please see further down for details on course content and technical aspects.Salto de línea


Primary and Secondary school teachers in Britain with limited or no competence of Spanish wanting to introduce or develop the learning of Spanish in their schools.Salto de línea

Destinatarios: 40

Duración: 20 weeks from 08/010/2012 to 03/03/2013

Plazo de presentacion:

Desde: 2012-09-19

Hasta: 2012-09-27

Plazo de presentación cerrado

¿Cómo realizarlo?

How it works. Students will receive a schedule with the online material to be covered throughout the course. A reminder of this work will be sent every week. The course tutor will also suggest written tasks to practise the contents covered. The tutor will send all tasks back with corrections and personalised feedback. The course also includes regular self-evaluation tests.

Tutors. AVE will allow you to learn Spanish online at your own pace with an individual tutor’s feedback and support.

Certificate. The Instituto Cervantes will issue a certificate stating that the student has completed the online course, provided that the work has been done and that a minimum of 5 tasks have been sent to the tutor for correction.

Evaluación y selección de los candidatos:

How to register.Salto de línea 1. Fill in the application form. Send it to francisco.garcia@mecd.es together with a letter signed by your school Headteacher stating the school’s commitment to introduce or develop Spanish in the school and the convenience of your doing the AVE Spansih online course.

2. Pay the course fee by credit or debit card only. Payment details will be forwarded after receivig your application form. Candidates will only be confirmed as enrolled in the course when payment is made. Deadline for payment: 06/10/2012. Places available: 40.Salto de línea Salto de línea 3. The Instituto Cervantes will contact the confirmed candidates via email when the whole registration process is completedSalto de línea

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